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I call Selby, South Dakota my hometown. It is a very quiet, rural place with a big open sky and lots of hard working farmers. Growing up in this rural environment impressed upon me the importance of community and relationships. This is something that I have carried forward to this day. I attended the University of South Dakota and earned a degree in Elementary Education. Though I have never traditionally taught in a classroom, I feel the skills I gained from that degree have greatly benefited me with the knowledge of being able to listen and communicate effectively.

In 1989 I moved East to begin a career in finance. My first job was at Putnam Investments in Boston. This was a wonderful opportunity to see the inside workings of mutual funds and money management. From there I continued learning different sides of the industry by working directly with clients at firms that ranged from full-service brokerage houses, discount brokerage firms and bank investment programs. This gave me a well-rounded background in all the different ways clients have available to them when seeking investment help.

In 2006, I began working with Brian Prichard and Chad Weber at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney where we have been helping clients with their financial lives as they go through major life transitions such as job change or retirement. In 2012 we formed 44 North Financial Partners.

I am very proud to have raised my son Bennett Gross and my daughter Madeline Bennett. Outside of work I enjoy outdoor adventures such as golf, hiking, running, fishing, traveling. I have also been a strong advocate for my local public school system. I am the founder and past president the Foundation for the Portland Public Schools, 501(c)(3), where the focus is advocating for excellence in education, connecting schools and our community, and supporting students and teachers.