Brian Prichard

Brian Prichard

Growing up on a horse farm in Colorado instilled a love for nature and the outdoors. I was active in sports, music and Scouting, attaining the rank of Eagle Scout. I headed to Tulane University for college on a Naval ROTC scholarship, and upon completing my education, enjoyed over five years as a Naval Officer, sailing primarily from the East Coast, and spending significant time in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea. My final assignment in the Navy was for the Aviation Department in Philadelphia, where I was assigned, under the Clinton Administration, to visit just about every Naval and Marine Corps Air Station around the world, inspect the services that contractors were providing to the stations, and create a “hub and spoke” structure to reduce administration, saving taxpayers millions of dollars, while maintaining the readiness of our air assets. It was a wonderful and worthwhile experience and I met many friends along the way.

My career in finance began in 1998 at Smith Barney in Philadelphia where I was lucky enough to meet a great client and friend who was a senior executive recruiter. Through our discussions, I learned that there were very few financial resources for people going through a career transition, and industry studies at the time showed that roughly 95% of corporate executives receive no advice regarding their employer’s retirement savings or equity compensation programs from their advisors. My business focus quickly evolved into transition planning and executive benefits. I moved to Maine in 2002 to follow the love of my life and to return to an environment where the outdoors was more accessible. I transferred between Smith Barney offices at that time and continued working with my same group of clients.

Understanding that clients’ needs were deeper than a single advisor could possibly develop an expertise in, I formed a team in 2003 to assist in advising executives sent from a growing referral network of recruiters. In 2003 we also formed the first official alliance between Smith Barney and a senior executive recruiting firm. Through the years, our practice and process evolved to what I believe is the most comprehensive financial planning resource for transitions in the industry. In 2010, while at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, our team members obtained the title of “Professional Alliance Group Directors” for our success in this niche.

In 2012, after going through five name changes due to corporate acquisitions or restructurings, our team decided it would be best for ourselves and our clients to join a platform that we felt would give us more stability and flexibility to further improve our business and services for those we serve. After significant research, we chose Commonwealth Financial Network as our new “home.”

I currently live in Kennebunkport, with my wife Lindsey. My two boys, Liam and Ethan are now currently attending university (Liam at Glasgow, Scotland, and Ethan at University of Hawaii, Manoa) and both are studying marine biology . We enjoy hiking, camping, fishing and surfing.

I have a passion for working with the markets, which is how I gravitated to the role as the primary client portfolio manager for our team.

My personal goals are:

  • To show my boys through my example that a person should be happy in what they do for a living and to instill discipline and passion for whatever path they choose to forge,
  • Be the best partner I can be for my wife, and
  • Do the best job possible for our clients to assist them in achieving their personal and financial goals so that they too can lead a happy and fulfilling life.